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IBM Pin Verification Key generation using Using VISA ZCMK

Hi I am not able to find a step to encrypt the a test PVK under VISA ZCMK and generate and Encrypted IBM PVK ( 3624) can some one help

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Verify a Dynamic CVV Command (PM)

I've tried to compute the CVC3 but the HSM result is wrong. Follow the command sent to the HSM: PM 1 2 U0FBBCA5494E5E707AA8433B95249A3B6 A 5399411100094140; 00 0385399411100094140D160722100...

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EMV Chip Data

Does anyone know the details about what all Thales commands I need to use for generating Chip data as an EMV chip/Pin credit card issuer ?

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ZMK from Thales 8000 to Safenet Luna SA HSM

Hej! I have to support a 3 custodian part key exchange cermony with the custodian parts generated on a Thales 8000 on a Safenet Luna SA HSM. I know the how this key would be imported on another ...

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XORing components to form keys(with encrypted components) are always a Odd parity result / expected even parity result

Hi, I am new to HSM,I am testing with the console and host commands. I am using the standard LMK test Pair set. When command sent to form key with the encrypted components , the XOR of two compon...

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How could i export PVK & CVK from HSM thales 8000 series?

how could i export PVK & CVK encrypted keys with check value using HSM command? it is correct to use GC command to generate components then use FK command?

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Import Key - Invalid Key Scheme

Hi All, I'm having troubles with importing key in Thales 8000, everything works correctly in Thales Simulator but on the HSM is not working. 1) First, I create my Key (ZMK ) with 3 randoms c...

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CA command cannot support ISO1

When the PIN Block format is ISO1 (format 05 in RACAL). The output of CA command is wrong.

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Simulator as system service

It would be nice to have this simulator as system service - or simply to be able to run it without gui (startup and other as command line arguments). Service can log to System Log or dedicated file.

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Problem while issuing 'PM' command....

Tried to issue PM command to HSM simulator, got following response... can anyone help? HSM Simulator version i m using is ThalesSim.Setup.0.9.6.x86.   Application Event :   Client:

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