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Using the GUI simulator

Once executed, the installer adds a "Thales Simulator" entry in the Windows program menu. Click that to start the simulator and then click the "Start Simulator" button to tell the simulator to start serving commands.


As commands begin to arrive and be processed, the simulator displays relevant information to the application events and command events text boxes. You can control the amount of information being displayed by selecting an entry from the "Detail Level" area located on the left side of the simulator window.


On some occasions, it is helpful to send console commands to the simulator (for example, to create a key component and have both the clear and encrypted component printed out). To do that, click the terminal-looking button which is located on the bottom left corner of the simulator window.


Click the "Connect to console" button to connect to the simulator's console. Once connected, type in console commands followed by enter in the console window. Note that this is a simulator-specific feature and will not work on a real HSM. Click here to see the list of supported console commands.

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