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Running under Windows Mobile

The simulator now contains the ThalesMobileSimulator project which can be used to run a Thales simulator on a Windows mobile phone. To get the mobile simulator you may build it from the latest sources, deploy the ThalesMobileSimulator.exe file to the mobile phone and manually copy the XML host command definitions in the same directory. When executed and started, the simulator should look like the image below.


Note that the mobile simulator was tested only on a Windows Mobile 6 device with version 3.5 of the mobile .Net framework deployed. It may or may not work under Windows Mobile 5. Bear in mind that no configuration file is present, so the simulator will use the default configuration values. Also, the mobile version of the simulator does not support dynamic compilation and loading of host commands. Finally, the GM command supports only the SHA1 and MD5 algorithms.

This was tested on an older HTC mobile phone. On that it averaged a host command processed every 2.5 seconds, which is a poor performance. In the off chance that you may happen to use the mobile simulator with an actual host for testing or just for kicks, you may want to arrange the host timeout period accordingly.

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