Need Help to Configure the Runtime with Binary Download

Apr 27, 2016 at 10:30 AM

I have downloaded the binaries as well the source viz. ThalesSim.0.9.6.Binaries and ThalesSim.Src.0.9.6. I am able to connect the HSM from my application and recieve response to the commands by using the binaries.

I understand from the documentation that we can do runtime compiles of the vb code but unable to find the setup information.

I tried creating a empty folder ./runtime folder and tryed to change the inbuild command generate_key_a0.vb but it fails to compile the newly edited file due to missing supporting libraries ThalesCommandCode.vb.

Can somebody help me the tree struture where can i put the source file , if i want to do some run time compilation of inbuild commands.

The parameter has been configured as below :

<!-- Directory that contains VB sources to compile and use as racal commands in runtime -->
    <VBSourceDirectory value="E:\ThalesSim.0.9.6.Binaries\ThalesCore\HostCommands\Runtime" />

    <!-- Directory where XML host command definitions reside -->

<XMLHostDefinitionsDirectory value=".\ThalesCore\XMLDefs\HostCommands" />

The Runtime folder just has one file : GenerateKey_A0.vb

All other files are in there respective folders as in the ThalesSim.Src.0.9.6.

Requesting an assistance on the above.