How to Generate TPK (LMK) and TPK (TMK) using the HC host command

Oct 29, 2013 at 10:19 AM

I need to obtain the TPK (LMK) and TPK (TMK) by sending the TMK (LMK) value using the HC command. I can connect to the simulator using the below code. However now I need to know how to send HC command along with TMK (LMK) value to the simulator and I am expecting a response of TPK (LMK) and TPK (TMK). Following is my code to connect to simulator:

string strthalesIPAddressOrHostName = "XX.XX.XX.XX";
            int intthalesPort = XXXX;
            ThalesSim.Core.TCP.WorkerClient thales;
            string strHostCommandString;

            thales = new ThalesSim.Core.TCP.WorkerClient(new System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient(strthalesIPAddressOrHostName, intthalesPort));

    // After connecting to the Simulator, How to send HC command with TMK (LMK) value and I want a response back of TPK (LMK) and TPK (TMK) 

            // disconnect from HSM
Can you please provide me with the HC command or code that I need to include above to Generate/Obtain TPK (LMK) and TPK (TMK)