BA Command Result Vs EE Command Result

Oct 2, 2013 at 3:31 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have used the command 'EE' with the PAN, OFFSET, PVK, Decimalization Table, Security Code and received the Response Derived PIN Encrypted using LMK in the EF Reply Message from HSM.
'Derived PIN Encrypted under LMK 02-03' as per the Programmer Manual of Thales

But I realy know the Clear PIN say 123456 of the Card and use the BA command to decrypt the Clear PIN using the above PAN used in the EE Command.

Then I got the Reply from HSM.

PIN Encrypted Under LMK 02-03
But the Results of the above 2 commands are not the same. Can u please clarify the difference between the results of those two commands.

Thank u
Oct 29, 2013 at 8:29 AM
Dear ,
Currently i m also using EE command but facing some issues

Actually in Command

'Message Header' = [27600000]
[None an 002 M] : 'Command Code' = [EE]
[16H/1A+32H/1A+48H M] : 'PVK' = '9FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF'
[None Hex 012 M] : 'Offset' = [6772FFFFFFFF]
[None n 002 M] : 'Check Length' = [04]
[None n 012 M] : 'Account Number' = [123243461600]
[None n 016 M] : 'Decimalization Table' = [0123456789078910]
[None an 012 M] : 'PIN Validation Data' = [1243501014N8]

In PVK, we have only 16bye in command but in my base code (provided by third party), it is expectiong 32Byte .. Is it dependent on HSM configuration .. after 16byte PVK... i m sending 16 spaces to make it 32 .

I have modified the data..It may seem wrong ..Just want to check if I can send 16 byte PVK value..or it will depend on some configuration