Problem with import key command

Feb 6, 2013 at 11:38 AM
I have a key under Zmk and I want import this key as Zak under LMK.I send below commands:
Online – AUTH> fk
Enter LMK id[0-4]: 0
Enter key length[1,2,3]: 2 ( 2*8=16)
Enter key type : 000 (ZMK)
Enter key scheme: U (3-des with 16 byte)
Enter component type[X,H,T,E,S] :x (xor)
Enter number of component[1-9] : 1
Enter component 1 :10B5 EF68 6EB5 5BA2 A7E5 2008 8CBF 19A8
Encrypted key : U418E 7909 7E1A 49AC 8810 FF87 03A8 50DF
Key check value : 4947 3E
and after I send command ImportKey :
Command code : A6
Key type: 008
ZMK (encrypt under LMK) : U418E79097E1A49AC8810FF8703A850DF
Key(encrypted under ZMK) : U362C18F10E2F58E3FA1F5834B3655289
Key scheme(LMK) :U
LMK Identifier :00
the respons is :
My probelms are :
1- why do I get error 01?
2- Check value is not for my real key.

Thanks for any help...
Feb 15, 2013 at 8:13 PM
01 means that the import was correctly done, however the key you supplied has a parity error. Since the KCV is not correct, then most probably the key you specified is not correct. Can you tell me what the clear value of the ZAK is?