Pin Re-Issue

Sep 10, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Edited Sep 10, 2012 at 12:13 PM

I want to re-issue Pin for cards. All configs are done and the only thing that changes is that new e-files are read which has  a new PVV values to overwrite what is stored. The card then does a normal tranasaction with the new PIN.

The Problem is that, when the card uses the new PIN for transaction the below errors are received from the HSM. Can somebody help me understand what might be using this error.


IF original PIN is used, the below error is received.

18:02:35.905|IMSG|28770466|CRYPTO_PIN begin18:02:35.906|DEBG|28770466|HSM_WriteToPort18:02:35.906|+-->|28770466|ECU75302D03D9FC3252BAEFC5C396B660778CBEDB8179F9782EFEBC5087CED21FE80088741C8C844F550168671473294115029  18:02:35.909|DEBG|28770466|HSM reported error : ED20...

18:02:35.909|EMSG|28770466|PIN verification failed: source key is invalid

the new PIN also generates the below error

18:15:58.308|IMSG|28901616|CRYPTO_PIN begin18:15:58.310|DEBG|28901616|HSM_WriteToPort18:15:58.310|+-->|28901616|ECU75302D03D9FC3252BAEFC5C396B660778CBEDB8179F9782EFEBC5087CED21FE8B9F90578FD65BF21016867147329411347718:15:58.333|DEBG|28901616|HSM reported error : ED24...18:15:58.333|EMSG|28901616|PIN verification failed: PIN block is invalid


Thank you in advance.