May 2, 2012 at 1:25 PM


I am trying to pass JE command to HSM Simulator. For this puropsoe I do following things

1) My LMKSTORAGE and LMKSTORAGE.old file contains 21 entries. I add another entry into this at bottom.

2) I am making commnad and sending message using following code

 Dim messageHeader As String = ""
        Dim commnadCode As String = "JE"
        Dim soruceZPK As String = ""
        Dim pinBlock As String = ""
        Dim pinBlockFormat As String = "01"
        Dim accountNumber As String = ""
        Dim delimeter As String = ""
        Dim trailor As String = ""

        Dim command As String = messageHeader + commnadCode + soruceZPK + pinBlock + pinBlockFormat + accountNumber + delimeter + trailor

When i executes this code, then on HSM Simulator console, it gives me following error:

MAJOR>>>Found implementor ThalesSim.Core.HostCommands.BuildIn.TranslatePINFromZP
KToLMK_JE, instantiating...
MINOR>>>=== [JE], starts 17:13:58.976 =======
MAJOR>>>Calling AcceptMessage()...
MINOR>>>Invalid value detected for field [PIN Block Format Code].
MINOR>>>Received [C3] but expected a numeric value.
MAJOR>>>Exception while processing message
System.Exception: Invalid value [C3] for field [PIN Block Format Code].
   at ThalesSim.Core.Message.XML.MessageParser.Parse(Message msg, MessageFields
fields, MessageKeyValuePairs& KVPairs, String& result) in D:\Soft\HSM Simulator\
ThalesSim.Src.0.9.5\ThalesCore\Message\XML\MessageParser.vb:line 255
   at ThalesSim.Core.HostCommands.BuildIn.TranslatePINFromZPKToLMK_JE.AcceptMess
age(Message msg) in D:\Soft\HSM Simulator\ThalesSim.Src.0.9.5\ThalesCore\HostCom
mands\BuildIn\TranslatePINFromZPKToLMK_JE.vb:line 57
   at ThalesSim.Core.ThalesMain.WCMessageArrived(WorkerClient sender, Byte[]& b,
 Int32 len) in D:\Soft\HSM Simulator\ThalesSim.Src.0.9.5\ThalesCore\ThalesMain.v
b:line 767
MAJOR>>>Disconnecting client.
MAJOR>>>Calling Terminate()...


AND when i see the files LMKSTORAGE and LMKSTORAGE.old file, then these doesnot contain the entry which i entered in these. It cotnains only 21 records.



Any help!!! ??


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May 3, 2012 at 6:06 PM

So what is your problem exactly? The JE command that throws an error or the contents of the LMK storage file?